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I fully furnish, equip and decorate vacation and executive rentals and I wrote a book about how to do that in 5 days.  Besides improving short term rentals by preparing, consulting (both online and in-person), researching and writing I am a wife, a mother, a friend, an explorer, a risk taker and sometimes a pollyanna (I say "sometimes" because I am unreasonably optimistic only occassionally). 



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I've got a slew of information to share with you.  FF&E is filled with information on how to: 

  • create a short term rental you can be proud of and that will not only attract and retain guests, but have them coming back as repeat tenants;
  • have greater confidence in your inventory purchasing decisions - knowing what, when and where to purchase;
  • keep on task and stay organized saving invaluable time and a considerable amount of money;
  • increase your chances of success in offering a unique and appreciated guest experience;
  • diminish negative reviews and increase positive accolades, plus so much more.


"Not only does Anita help inspire ideas to set your vacation rental apart from the competition, she also outlines an approach to help owners and operators make it happen. If you’ve tried to decorate an entire home based on what you think the renters will want it can be very overwhelming and costly. FF&E, Furnish and Equip Your Vacation or Executive Property in Five Days is truly a “how to guide” for anyone wanting to improve their competitive edge" - Geronimo Vacation Rentals For Charity.


Anita Ericksen has compiled a great guide to starting up a vacation rental in her book FF&E, Furnish and Equip Your Vacation or Executive Property in Five Days. This handy guide includes shopping lists, to-do tasks and appendices that you can take to the furniture shop or home decorating store...If you're considering converting or purchasing a property with the intent of turning it into a vacation or executive rental, you should read this book first and you will have a much more thorough understanding of what it is going to take to make your effort a success. - Bert Simonis CEO, SnagRent

You'll find a little synopsis of the book here and you can contact me here.   My thoughts are located here and this is what I look like.  Here's where you'll find the latest reviews, an excerpt of my book and the index.  If you think that's all there could be, it's not, I'm also on Twitter. This is where you'll find out what I'm up and anything interesting that catches my eye that helps you create the ultimate guest experience and increase your bottom line. 




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